Celebrate World Pangolin Day 2018!

Today, February 17, 2018, we celebrate the seventh annual World Pangolin Day!

The fascinating Pangolin is the world's most trafficked mammal, though many people still don't even know what pangolin is.

Please, read these 13 facts about pangolin and learn more about the world's most hunted animal.

World Pangolin Day - World With Wildlife

Why is it the most trafficked mammal in the world? Pangolin is hunted and trafficked because of its scales that are used in the traditional Chinese medicine, just the same way as rhino horns and believed to have healing properties. These beliefs are false. Pangolin scales are also the same material as rhino horns and our fingernails, keratin.

So, they have absolutely no medicinal qualities whatsoever, and we have to fight to save this elusive species the same way we are fighting to save the rhinos and the elephants! We also have to educate people more about pangolin and spread the awareness of the plight of the pangolin.

Pangolin - World With Wildlife - photo by Adam Tusk

 (Photo by Adam Tusk. Used under cc license.)


There are eight (8) different species of pangolin, four (4) Asian and four (4) African and all are hunted for their scales.

All eight pangolin species were added to the CITES Appendix I in late 2016, giving them full protection against international trade.
However, all the eight species of pangolin are still seriously endangered, two of them are Critically Endangered already. Time to act to save this strange and primitive looking, but so cute creature, is now!

Please, help to save pangolins and consider donating to some of the conservation organizations doing the vital work in fighting to protect this species! There are many good organizations to choose from, like Save Pangolins.org, Pangolin Conservation, or the Tikki Hywood Trust - just to mention a few. Thank you so much for caring! 

We also decided to donate to Pangolin Conservation as to celebrate this World Pangolin Day 2018! Here's a copy of our personal "Thank You" card. :) 

Pangolin Conservation Donation Thank You Card back - World With WildlifePangolin Conservation Thank You card front - World With Wildlife

To further help the cause of the pangolins we are also planning to bring a pangolin shirt design to the store and donating $2 for every shirt sold to the Save Pangolins.org organization!
(Update: a pangolin shirt is planned to launch for the World Pangolin Day 2019!)

So, please, keep an eye out for the pangolin shirts and help to spread the awareness of pangolins and the severe threats they face as the world's most trafficked mammal!

However, for now, let's celebrate the 7th annual World Pangolin Day by sharing pictures of pangolins on all our social media by using the hashtag #WorldPangolinDay and spreading the awareness of this fascinating species!

Check the 12 things you can do to help pangolins today from the World Pangolin Day's official website!

Happy World Pangolin Day 2018!  


PS. Please, also watch this great educational video from NatGeo Wild about the pangolin: 

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