About Us

We believe that street fashion is one of the most powerful tools to spread messages and promote causes. That sparked a whole collection of outspoken streetwear and jewelry for wildlife lovers. 

Join us to raise awareness and help to save the endangered species. Be the statement – be the change! 

Good Things for You, Planet, and Other Beings

We are proud to do good things for our planet. Our garments are earth-friendly and ethically made: we use eco-friendly, certified cotton and water-based inks. Our clothing line is sweatshop-free and WRAP certified, meaning a healthy working environment and fair compensations. Our products give a good feeling to you and your loved ones.

To make a long-lasting difference, we donate 10% of all profits to wildlife conservation organizations.

Together we can save the striking beauty of our planet and its animals, from elephants, rhinos, big cats, and pangolins to our diverse oceans. Everything counts and no act is too small – big differences start with small deeds! 

Our Story & Mission 

We at World With Wildlife are conservationists at heart. We’ve confronted wildlife crisis face-to-face in Africa, Asia, America, and even in Europe. We became anxious when we met the very last northern white rhino male called Sudan. We’ve found poached elephants left rotten to the scorching plains and cuddled with babies, who’ve been rescued from the side of their dead mothers. We’ve seen how the habitat loss is forcing the declining populations of orangutans and pygmy elephants into narrow slices of rainforest in Borneo.

Experiencing all this sparked a flame inside us to do something. We wanted to collect funds for all the fantastic wildlife charity organizations, which are struggling to secure the future for endangered wildlife. At the same time, we also wanted to bring conservation into conversations and wear the statements we believe in. Thus, an independent streetwear label and jewelry collection, World With Wildlife, was born. We bring wildlife conservation into street fashion.

It’s time to take a stand. Join the tribe of wildlife warriors – show your support for endangered species! 

See you in the wild,

Piritta & Niina
World With Wildlife co-founders 

piritta and niina and little ringo the rhino - world with wildlife