Read about our mission to save more wildlife!

We have a very special invitation for you: Come read about our mission to save more wildlife!  

We are Piritta and Niina, and we are the founders of World With Wildlife. 

We wanted to take this opportunity and properly introduce ourselves and our mission. 

Our journey started with a passion for wildlife and a desire to help them survive. We knew that together we could make a bigger difference! 

During our travels around the world, we have seen so many animals in need of more conservation efforts, so that they will survive to the future generations. 

We then had an idea of how we could help to save more wildlife while giving people the opportunity to get themselves and their loved ones something nice.

So this is how World With Wildlife came to existence. We started with a couple of items and created the shop from the ground up. However, this is not the end of this glorious story, in fact, this is just the beginning! 

We hope that in the future we will be able to donate even more profits to various conservation organizations so that they can do better work to save our planet's precious animals and ecosystems. 

Thank you for being part of it! :) 
You, too, will be a part of the better future for the conservation efforts of our planet! 

We hope to see you again! 

Piritta & Niina

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