Be a Wildlife Warrior

Together we can raise awareness for wildlife protection. That’s why we decided to create a tribe of Wildlife Warriors. Spread the message in your own network: tell the world why our planet needs wildlife.

Raise Awareness
Join the tribe of wildlife warriors and use #WorldWithWildlife to bring conservation into conversation! Share your own thoughts and images – or feel free to share our updates. You can also freely use all images and material on this page: together we will make a difference.

Win Exclusive Wildlife Prints
Weekly until 23.12. one tribe member is awarded with exclusive wildlife print by a professional wildlife photographer. These high-quality wall prints are 18x24 inches, and not available anywhere else. Just remember to use #worldwithwildlife and you’re in!

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Help to Save Wildlife: Different Ways of Contributing


Share the important conservation news and facts with your friends to raise awareness.
Spreading the word can make all the difference: every one of us has the power to change someone’s attitudes towards wildlife trafficking and protection.

Most people are devastated to hear that rhinos, elephants, tigers, and other iconic species might face extinction already in our lifetime. Raising awareness has already changed attitudes and reduced demand in Asia during the last years. Together we can do so much more!

Wear the cause and show that you care.
Check our brand new designs here – 10% of profits go straight into wildlife conservation.


Write letters to your local policy makers

Support Endangered Species Act to protect species such as pangolins, wolverines, scarlet macaws, and African gray parrots. The Endangered Species Act has helped save 99% of protected species from extinction since it was first signed into law by President Nixon in 1973.

Stand against US administration’s proposed changes which would weaken The Endangered Species Act and sign WCS’s petition here:

Write personal letters to rangers and conservation organizations to show your support for the marvelous work they do.


Support wildlife economy and sustainable tourism by visiting a national park, wildlife orphanage, or rescue center.

Learn more about wildlife protection and find personal ways to make a difference. Reduce your carbon footprint to keep our planet clean. Buy and use certified sustainable palm oil. Educate your circle of friends and acquaintances: your own social network has tremendous power. Inspire others to save wildlife.

Obviously, don’t buy anything made of ivory, rhino horn, pangolin, or any other species. When the buying stops, supplying stops, too.

Please, tell all your friends about wildlife conservation issues and encourage them to act, too. Unity is power and when we unite our efforts, together we can achieve a better future for our wildlife!


Donate your time or money to wildlife charities. Help to save wildlife and their habitats by donating to wildlife foundations and charities. Many organizations also rely on volunteers: maybe you could donate your time in your local rescue center or have a volunteering experience abroad.

By taking part in World With Wildlife’s #worldwithwildlife awareness campaign through the sharing of photos on social media sites (for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc), you grant us the right to show your photo or post on WWW’s social media channels or webpage, and represent that you have all rights necessary to grant that right, including without limitation all necessary copyrights and permissions of those featured. If your photo contains images of children under the age of 18, you specifically grant us a permission to use those images and represent that you have all necessary authority to grant such permission. If you have any questions about the campaign and the possible use of the submitted photos, please email us at